Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Color Okazaki Picture Usage

The image seen here is currently on the opening page of my website, The Danzan-Ryū Jūjutsu Homepage. I created this image by taking a scan of the original 1941 graduation photo of Steven J. Byzek and through many hours of work created this colorized version. It is for use ONLY on my website and publications and no other usage is permitted. 

Since posting this image on my website, I have encountered several instances where people have used this image without expressed permission much less without giving me the proper credit. Here are three examples:

  • I walked into a Dojo and saw this picture prominently displayed at the Shomen.
  • I attended a national convention where many 8.5" X 11" copies of this image were distributed to the seminar classrooms at the hotel.
  • I recently purchased a video that was emblazened with this image cover. 
None of these were authorized.

Let me make this clear. This image is not for use outside of my website and publications, unless I have given expressed written permission to do so. To date, I have not issued this to anyone. If you are using this image in any way, please cease any such use immediately.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ohana Future

On the weekend of August 20, 2010, I attended the Ohana convention sponsored by the Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai at the Sheraton Park in Anaheim, CA. I taught a well-received seminar on the Danzan-Ryu composite self-defense course known as, Fusegi Jutsu. It was great, IMVHO. To be certain, the Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai did an outstanding job in all aspects of the event.

In 1990, Mike Chubb, Bill Fischer and other leaders from the Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai held the first Ohana, a convention meant to bring all of the disparate DZR organizations together in the spirit of family and sharing. This event allows students to see a wide spectrum of instructors. It allows them to fellowship with students from across the world and meet well-known celebrities. It gives them a wider view of the Danzan-Ryu world. I believe that the original intent for this event remains good and altruistic. I hope this continues. I have attended all of the Ohana conventions since 1994 and have seen some trends that may indicate that it may not. Let us be clear. I am not referring to how good the banquet meal tasted or whether someone was offended by some words or actions. No, I am referring to something much more damaging to the Ohana.

One trend that I have seen over the years is how the "ohana" or "family" has become increasingly uninterested in reuniting. There are a couple of specifics:

In order for this cross-organizational event to be a success, it is important that organizations minimize their own individual events so that their members can afford the transportation, lodging and admission to the seminars/tournaments. Over the past several Ohana's, it has been apparent that this has not been a priority. Since the Ohana sponsor organization changes from year-to-year, one can plainly see this and who is not attending. Now, to be fair, there are some organizations that have made it a priority to raise funds and set aside their own events.

In any organization, the membership generally follows what their leadership does. If their leadership actively campaigns to boycott an event or simply does not find the event a priority, then the membership will act in accordance. As a former organizer of an Ohana, I have directly seen this. On the other hand, where those in leadership positions show a sense of enthusiasm and motivation, their members recognize this and make the Ohana a priority.

Will Ohana continue? As a representative to the Ohana Alliance (a committee set up to promote the Ohana), I have seen that there is the potential for the event to continue for the benefit of future DZR generations. The last meeting of the Ohana Alliance was held on the Monday morning after the 2010 Ohana. Plans for future events were made and agreed to. Will they come to pass? In my view, this depends on the "buy-in" of the various organizational leaders.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Danzan-Ryu Bookstore

I am happy to announce The Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu Homepage Bookstore. This section of the website highlights Danzan-Ryu related books I have written as PDF downloads. I am especially excited to introduce these works in a high-quality, trade paperback format. For a long time, people who have enjoyed the electronic versions of my books have requested hard copy versions. This is now possible through my affiliation with CreateSpace, an Amazon.com company. They produce beautiful, 8x10 versions of these books and deliver them directly to you. I have already received copies of the books and I am very impressed.

At this time, there are four titles available, as seen above. I am planning to add new titles and may even be adding new authors. Interested authors should contact me for more information. Stay tuned for future updates.

I hope you will check out the new bookstore and get your copies of these books TODAY!


Monday, March 8, 2010


Several upcoming events are using the name "Okugi" 奥義 as it relates to the teaching of the advanced boards of Danzan-Ryū Jūjutsu. Be it known that you are stealing this term from Professor Tony Janovich. Whether you call it ABC-Okugi or XYZ-Okugi or whatever-Okugi, you are using it without permission. If you believe that you are using this term because Professor Okazaki used it for his 1948 class you are sorely mistaken. He actually called it the “special black belt class” and contained special teachings given only to students of Nidan (second-degree black belt) and above. If you claim that an Okugi class was given in the early 1960’s, you are are perpetuating a falsehood and do not comprehend the curriculum. 

In point of fact, this term was first used in 1993 for the class given by Professors Sig Kufferath and Tony Janovich. The name was coined by Professor Janovich from the Japanese text contained on the certificate that Professor Kufferath received when he graduated from the 1948 class. Those who can read Japanese will understand this.

Further, the recent classes that falsely bear the Okugi name do not contain the same curriculum as the legitimate 1948, 1993 and 2003 classes. They only have an abbreviated subset of the proper 皆傳. Those who take these classes are, in my opinion, being severely short-changed in the instruction they receive and wasting their money.

Those who are participating in this charade should be ashamed, for you do not uphold the ethical and moral integrity that you purport in your organizations by-laws. That is, of course, unless you really are a thief.