Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Color Okazaki Picture Usage

The image seen here is currently on the opening page of my website, The Danzan-Ryū Jūjutsu Homepage. I created this image by taking a scan of the original 1941 graduation photo of Steven J. Byzek and through many hours of work created this colorized version. It is for use ONLY on my website and publications and no other usage is permitted. 

Since posting this image on my website, I have encountered several instances where people have used this image without expressed permission much less without giving me the proper credit. Here are three examples:

  • I walked into a Dojo and saw this picture prominently displayed at the Shomen.
  • I attended a national convention where many 8.5" X 11" copies of this image were distributed to the seminar classrooms at the hotel.
  • I recently purchased a video that was emblazened with this image cover. 
None of these were authorized.

Let me make this clear. This image is not for use outside of my website and publications, unless I have given expressed written permission to do so. To date, I have not issued this to anyone. If you are using this image in any way, please cease any such use immediately.